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Weekly Product Design Exercise #3: AirBNB

Updated: Feb 10, 2019


Design a feature for Airbnb, allowing a group of friends to plan and book their mutual vacation.


I had no prior knowledge of the Airbnb app before receiving the challenge this week. I learned that the current app allows users to send listings via e-mail and text. It also lets you create "Lists" and add users to collaborate - who can "like" or "save" a posting, but there is no way to communicate within the app about why you like it or experiences you want to do on your trip.

I like the way Instagram allows the user to share posts and begin conversations with your friends about them - which i think would be a good integration for Airbnb


these sketches show a sharing function/group message implementation to conversation about homes and experiences with your friends.

Final Screens

made with Adobe XD & Photoshop


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